Personalised WA Freight Delivery Packages

We develop personalised WA freight delivery packages with your project manager and/ or estimator to incorporate your individual transport requirements.

B.I.T. Services WA have experience in developing reliable transport plans for complex delivery scenarios and loads in the mining, building and construction industry such as:

  • remote locations
  • heavy haulage on dirt roads
  • large, long-term projects
  • short notice deliveries
  • Personalised Delivery precision timing delivery
  • over dimensional loads
  • concrete panels

Precision freight delivery

The management and drivers of B.I.T. Service WA have over 25 years local knowledge of the regional and remote terrain and seasons in the North West. We understand the nuances of delivering to difficult, hard to reach and remote locations for mining, building and construction projects in WA.

We have freight machinery that compliments the needs of the mining, building and construction industry in regional/ remote WA to ensure reliable deliveries.


B.I.T. Services WA has a substantial sub-constructor base which enables us to assist with large scale projects and be available for short notice projects.

B.I.T. Services WA enjoy the challenge of complex WA freight deliveries and can think ‘outside the box’ to get your freight where it needs to go, no matter the destination in WA.

We are available 7 days a week.


Customer service

  • B.I.T Services WA are a family-run business committed to developing long-term, trustworthy relationships with our clients
  • B.I.T. Services WA invest in our clients by being there when you need us, delivering on time, providing personalised WA freight delivery packages, protecting our drivers and your goods and being transparent and accountable.

Communication and accessibility

  • B.I.T. Services WA have developed impeccable systems for tracking freights and communicating correct and timely information to our clients.
  • B.I.T. Services WA uses GPS trackers for constant feedback about your delivery.

Commitment of Occupational Health & Safety

  • Main Roads WA Accreditation
  • We only hire experienced WA drivers
  • Delivering your load safely is our primary goal

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